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Soundproofing a room without spending big bucks is possible.

You do not need to make sound proofing your walls a big and expensive project.


Our goal is to educate you about noise and soundproofing, to help you find out the best way to reduce your noise problems without having to become a noise expert.

Sound proofing your home, recording studio or garage can be a huge chore. You can spend thousands of dollars very easily. Only if you are doing a serious recording studio would you likely need to do more than this for the walls.

Now, realize please that your windows are your worst problem. If you soundproof your walls and do not apply soundproof windows to your windows, you will be wasting the money on the walls. If you do not totally understand that, then please read the other pages on our web-site and take our short soundproofing courses.

At the end of "Introduction to Soundproofing", I will discuss wall plugs and other subjects and offer advice on IF you need to soundproof your walls to achieve the noise reduction you want.

The first soundproofing course is a general sound proofing plan for your walls. At the end, we will describe some other alternatives and why you may want to use them.

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A photo showing the view over a noisy freeway from a condominium.