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Soundproofing Resources

The websites below offer very good information and can help you with noise reduction and noise abatement. All of them seem to be run by ethical, professional people. We have checked them out and find them to be excellent sources for what they do and sell.

Soundproofing Resource Websites

Without having to replace your existing windows, this is an excellent site for noise abatement. These people understand the issues relative to soundproofing windows. Replacing with dual-pane windows will not stop much noise. Check them out. Remember, most windows are your weakest link for noise intrusion - which means they are usually the first thing you must fix.

Soundproofing.com is a relatively new site which gives more advanced soundproofing information written by industry professionals.

Green Glue is a next generation product used for soundproofing walls that is not very expensive, yet very effective. This company’s website is the main place to read about and research what this very new product is; additionally, they boast other soundproofing tools that are worth taking a look at.

A national distributor of soundproofing products and advice; their products are tested, fully evaluated, in stock and ready for immediate pick-up or shipment.

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We want this website to be an excellent clearinghouse for noise issues. One that does not just want to sell you their style of solution, by skewing the truth so you buy their solution. With education and understanding comes knowledge and power.

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