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About Soundproofing101.com

Basically, we are several people who are in the industry and have learned a lot over the years. A lot of bad or tainted information is out there and we wanted people to have a source of honest and accurate information. We do not have the time to talk to everyone that have problems, and because we do not sell to consumers, we are offering free information which can help everyone. We can simply refer people here to answer their questions and others can do the same.

Help us keep all our information accurate. If you find ANY information that is not 100% accurate, please email us and tell us about it. We may be wrong or simply thinking of one problem and not another that changes our answers. We will keep it updated. What additional information do you want? How else can we help (short of consultations which we do not want to offer at this time [Maybe if we become unemployed!]).

We do not like referring other companies, but have found that we must. We will be linking to more and more companies as we find out more about their track records and how good a company we think they are. Please do NOT think that if a company is not listed it is a bad company. If it is listed it is a reasonably good company. Beyond that - take your chances. At least with this website you can have the power of knowledge and information so you can play "spot the used car salesman" in your pursuits.

We do want feedback. We might offer a forum if there is enough interest (it will be limited or controlled - we are looking at options if we do that).

If we have helped you, please let us know.

Thank you,

The Soundproofing 101 Team