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Soundproofing Lies, Course 102

Lies Window Companies Will Tell You

Marketing lies by soundproofing companies. Know the difference between the truth and the lies.

The Lies

  • How effective their windows are against noise
  • How much better their windows are against the competition
  • Regular residential window companies will say, "Our company has got the best windows out there and they are excellent. So many customers say how much nicer and quieter it is." This has no bearing on the acoustics of their windows.

Man searching for the truth about soundproofing when surrounded by piranha fish.

What To Do?

While regular residential window companies may have STC tests for windows, these will prove not very effective.

By the time most folks get around to replacing their windows, they leak very badly. You could replace old leaky windows with any new window which may or may not have good acoustic qualities. The new windows would actually seal better and show an improvement because of the new seals, but will not function as soundproofing windows.

Our basic recommendation is: get a reputable soundproof window company to evaluate your needs.

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